Fitness Over 55

Keep doing what you love when you’re 55 or over

Are you over 55 and want to keep doing (or start doing) activities like these?

  • Play golf, tennis, softball, or other sports
  • Keep up with the grandkids
  • Walk, jog, hike, or run
  • Handle stairs with ease
  • Carry and lift groceries
  • Stroll around the mall
  • Volunteer
  • Remain independent and able to get out and about
  • Stay healthy, be fit, and feel good about yourself

Then you should talk to Laura Wool, president of Fitness Over 55. Laura is a certified Senior Fitness Specialist who focuses on fitness and wellness. With coaching, training, and guidance from Laura, YOU can keep on doing the active things you love and explore new, greater, healthier possibilities.

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Contact Laura for a free, no-obligation meet, greet, and assessment of your current health and goals

Individualized training. Personalized motivation.

As Laura says, “I’m a trainer and a cheerleader in one. I motivate people over 55 to stay in the game or get back in the game. I work with individuals and groups by coming to them and personalizing an approach, based on your current level of fitness. Together, we develop a program focused on you. You seeing results, you enjoying life, you (and I) celebrating your achievements.”

Laura and Fitness Over 55 offer these advantages and others –

  • Training and wellness guidance tailored specifically for you
  • Convenience and flexibility of training at your place
  • Private, non-intimidating atmosphere and approach
  • Understanding of the challenges of life after 55 – because Laura is right there with you!
  • Close to you in the Northern suburbs of Atlanta and areas in and near North Fulton, Forsyth, Gwinnett, South Hall, Cherokee, and Dawson counties
  • Personalized assessment and program creation – targeted to achieve your goals and starting from exactly where you are, no matter what “condition you’re in”
  • Success – enjoy exercise and fitness, do more of what you love, feel empowered and independent
Individualized training. Personalized motivation.
Convenience and flexibility of training at your place, in the northern suburbs of Atlanta.

Crowded gyms and young trainers can be intimidating. Talk and work with someone who knows where you’re at and how to help you get to where you want to be. Call or e-mail Laura today to get started. She’ll be happy to meet with you, explain her effective approach to fitness and wellness, and see if working with Fitness Over 55 is exactly the ticket for you and your desire to love and enjoy life.

Fitness Over 55
Laura Wool
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